About The Echoplex
—And a little about the author

The-echoplex.net is the personal site of Pete Boere, web developer in Bristol, UK – an online home for my projects, blogs and code – with the emphasis on issues relating to modern web design and development.

On Accessibility and Usablility

On the web, content is king. First and foremost, for a web site to be of good quality its content must be both accessible and understandable.

I hope you find this site is:

  • Accessible, and understandable, with any device; through a screen-reader, a lo-fi mobile phone or any web browser.
  • Easy to read, and has avoided jargon that may be ambiguous.
  • Fast loading.
  • Intuitive to navigate.

Pages in this site have been created to comply with W3C standard recommendations and also for compliance with the British Standards draft BS 8878 (Web accessibility. Building accessible experiences for disabled people. Code of practice). If you experience any problems when using this site please let me know.

On the Making of This Site

This site was hand coded with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. The blog is powered by a custom PHP/MySQL engine.

On the Branding

The Echoplex recalls an early audio tape delay unit as used to great effect by the likes of guitar heroes Chuck Rainey, Jimmy Page, Chet Atkins and Edward Van Halen.

Photographs, logos and illustrations are protected with a Creative Commons Licence – they may not be used commercially without permission.

All published scripts and code examples are under an open source MIT license.

Contact Details

It you want to get in touch or ask a question, please use this contact page.